Corporate Social Responsibility

Saanika Industries Private Limited fosters a culture of caring and trust of the society at large and has been undertaking CSR initiatives in various fields as we believe in the ideology of “We rise by lifting others” As a responsible corporate citizen, the Company contributes towards inclusive growth by empowering communities and accelerating growth.

The Company’s CSR Policy framework details the mechanisms for undertaking programs in accordance with section 135 of the Companies Act 2013 and the Companies (Corporate Social Responsibility) Rules, 2014 as amended from time to time for the benefit of the community.

Our Committee: The CSR committee members comprises of our 3 Directors, who directly or through the implementing agencies having CSR registration certificates issued by the Ministry of Corporate affairs monitor these activities.

Our Vision: “To actively contribute in the field of Health Care and Education”. In doing so, contribute in helping the needy people for the right treatment and also the education of our children for their better future.

Our CSR Initiatives:


Health Care

 Safe, effective and high quality care influences care outcomes, facilitates a safe hospital environment, promotes efficiency and provides data to identify opportunities for improvement, to enhance these facilities the company has provided financial support to “Shree Mahavir Health & Medical Relief Society”  


We firmly believe in “Right to Education” for every child, as it’s not only important for personal growth of our children and it also helps to determine the future of our society and country at large.  A considerate contribution towards this goal is done by us in various institutions.

  • Ekal Vidyalay- “Van Bandhu Parishad” a program by Ekal Vidyalay which aims to eduvate the children and adults of the tribal society.
  • Agarwal Education Foundation – a foundation aiding educational to children and youth.
  • Agarwal Samaj Vidhya Vihar Trust: an educational institution providing best educational and sports facilities to the children and youth.


To proactively safeguard the environment, we have instituted a number of facility in our place of work, both our factories have Zero Liquid Discharge facility and Saanika have planted around 1500 trees. 

Another step towards sustainable production we have commissioned two solar plant with 4.8 MW and 1.35 MW respectively along with one 2.1 MW Windmill in Gujarat, an initiative towards Green Mission which has a total capacity of generating 1,68,00,000 power units annually. An ingenuity to be not only cost effective but make Saanika sustainable and Self-reliant. Reducing our environment footprint by investing resource conservation and efficiency across water, energy and waste.